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Newsletter Marketing

Our Webgate Newsletter Marketing Solution Tool is a powerful, cost-effective email-marketing tool that enables you to create professional, visually appealing newsletters. Our software includes everything you need to create a high-impact email marketing campaign from start to finish. We provide hundreds of newsletter templates and formats for you to work with, or we can custom build a template to reflect the look and feel of your business.

Our software also includes organizational tools to assist you in building and managing your email lists and subscriber categories. Email your newsletters via our white-listed servers to the subscribers on your lists. Visitors to your website, or anywhere you have a Web presence can subscribe to your newsletter by completing a custom sign-up form. Our Newsletter Marketing Solution tool is a great promotional device used by industries ranging from music to real estate.

E - Commerce
Shopping Cart

Webgate Ecommerce Shopping Cart has a wealth of experience in design, development, implementation, hosting and maintenance of custom ecommerce systems and solutions. Our proven methodologies and years of rich experience allow us to develop solutions that are technologically advanced and quickly produce a measurable return on investment.

Our business analysts and consultants can help you craft a custom ecommerce solution that will produce the maximum business impact in the shortest amount of time, without losing sight of your strategic goals. We bring a unique combination of technical depth and business knowledge to all of our client engagements. We truly partner with our clients to understand their needs, and then rapidly implement dependable software solutions that deliver measurable business results

E - Procurement
Supply Chain Management

When you take a closer look at purchasing, you realize that often the greatest discrepancy between cost of procurement and actual item value can be found in low-value goods. This means that huge savings are waiting to be made in the purchasing department. E-procurement solutions automate and optimize many purchasing workflows, especially in interactions with suppliers, who are currently assuming responsibility for an increasing number of tasks.

Webgate provides process-oriented IT systems that significantly reduce procurement costs and delivery times.

The Webgate consulting teams have many years of experience with e-procurement projects, for both suppliers and producers. The spectrum ranges from internal systems for purchasing departments and direct procurement systems, to integration in e-marketplaces via EDI or WWW.

We advise you about the e-procurement concepts appropriate for your company, frame these as part of a general strategy, and integrate them into your it systems. Webgate is helping to make purchasing a positive experience again.


















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