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The E-Learning LCMS (Learning Content Management System) from webgate is a bespoke written package that can offer a basic IT user the ability to build and supply a complete and comprehensive online training centre with no specialist skills and deliver learning content to students or employees over the Internet or company intranet.

The e-Learning software solution has been designed and developed using a Microsoft technology called .Net. The advantages of developing an application in this technology are many, first and foremost the technology and languages used in the development are fast and reliable and the beauty of this system is that although the main application is pre developed, it is easy, quick and cost effective to manipulate the learning solution to the exact requirements of our clients.

This gives several advantages, it means the initial solution is developed for the initial requirements but the e-learning software may then be continually developed for the individual needs of the client, Due to the nature of the software and speed of development this reduces long term costs and offers a continuously upgradeable solution to match all our clients needs as and when they arise.

The solution may also be supplied as a complete server based system to enable internal support teams to manage the long term development, Webgate will continue to offer phone support, extra development and management as required.

Everything from hosting, database maintenance and bandwidth issues to bespeak written modules, updates, patches and maintenance is taken care of by Webgate Solutions. By providing a complete solution, authors and training centre managers can concentrate on training goals and objectives and not have to worry about hardware and software issues.

The system is available for supply in modules to suit your company budget; each module may then be added as required, supported pay per licensed user versions are also available. Our LCMS solution has three operational areas; the sub-menu on the right describes the functionality of these areas along with the features and benefits of the investment.



















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